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Originally Posted by MYTA21 View Post
on one window, the motor raises the galss to it closed position. For a couple of times, it will work up and down, never failing in an intermediate position. Then on closing, it fails to reopen-a click is heard.
Wind the screwdriver in the hole and it will work for a while.
So, am I correct in thinking this looks like limit switch?
I had the same problem, but the other way around - the window would not shut from fully open. The bodies of the microswitches are made of an alloy metal of some sort which had broken up and collapsed (not for the first time it appeared, as it was already glued together with Araldite). These switches are handed left and right, and are unobtainable as far as I can see. As can be seen from the attached photos, I bodged it together with cable ties for a while, though I've now replaced it with a new switch, repositioned and with a new bracket made so that the window striker just acted correctly upon it.

Incidentally, I think these windows are unusual in having a limit switch at the top of their travel. Most windows do not have this, as can be determined by the slight dimming of headlights if you try to close the windows when they are already closed (at least on many modern cars I've tried.) As the problem on your 409 seems to be at the top, it would probably be possible to bypass the limit switch altogether, as the window frame will obviously stop the window going too far. Might be simpler than finding new microswitches?
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