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That is really helpful you may have seen the reply's I got on the BOC forum but so far no comment from anyone on these, several on line suppliers in the UK are offering them at very good prices even compared to the Michelin Taxi Tyres but I will have a word with a local garage as the last time I needed a set of Avons for another car their supplier was able to beat the online price.

Thanks for the comment re the Marangoni Tyres I could not find much information on line about the M100LT variant but one thing I have found about them is they lock up far too easily, I first thought this was down to the 3:1 ratio servo fitted which although recommended for the Bristol 2 Litre was a bit too fierce or was it down to a heavy right foot as I drive a Land Rover Defender almost every day, I am going to have to do something about the tubes but the one thing I don't like about the Marangoni's is that on a few occasions they only show side wall deflection when the pressure is down to around 10 psi which makes me think the side walls are far too heavy for a car as opposed to a van or light truck.

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