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I have Austone Taxi Tyres (175/80x16 ) fitted to both of my 400's that use 4.5 inch wide wheels ex 401 .(Note all 401 - 406 have 4.5 x 16 wheels as standard.)
They were fitted back in about 2019 and so far they have been very good .
Smooth ride , good handling , quiet , period looking (not an aggressive off road tread), excellent value for money. I can not comment on how many miles I can travel on a set but I'm pretty sure I will never wear them out .
These Austone are steel belted 6 ply construction and are probably stiffer in the sidewalls than a Michelin "X" 550 x 16 (175/80x16)

A friend fitted a set of Marangoni 175/75x16 Light Truck tyres to a 400 with original 3.5 in wide wheels . These were a major improvement on the worn cross ply tyres previously fitted. I remember they were a little heavy at parking speed .

Many 401 - 406 owners in Australia have fitted 185/80 x 16 Light Truck tyres of various brands (some even have fitted 195/75x16 ) . These tyres make the steering very heavy especially at parking speed.
Others have expensive 185/80 x16 brands fitted like Michelin, Avon , Vredestein, Blockley or Pirelli which are mostly a high speed passenger tyres, but the recommend rim size by the tyre manufacturers are mostly 5.5 - 6.5 inch rims . So too large for the size of the rims. Many tyre retailers if asked will recommend a tyre and size of the ones they have in stock , just to make a sale.

The ideal size for the 4.5 x 16 inch rim is 175/80 x 16 and
for the 400 3.5 x 16 inch rim is 165/80 x 16 (Avon have one of this size available) .

Austone are not readily available in Australia as there are very few London taxi's here , but I know of about ten 6 cylinder Bristols with them fitted and have never heard a bad word about them.

Note I am note a tyre expert and would be interested to hear of other owners experiences with oversize and inappropriate tyres fitted to Bristols.

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