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Well there was no way that tensioner was going to come out without removing the intake manifold, which is a time consuming job, but I got it off today. I was disappointed to find that the hydraulic timing chain tensioner is very firm, which suggests that may not be the problem, although I have replaced it anyway.

After further consulting the workshop manual (which I remembered I had bought years ago on a CD/DVD), the intake manifold also has to come off to change the timing chain cassette, so I may as well do that now while I have the manifold off.

There are a couple of concerns.

1. The workshop manual says to discard and replace the torx head bolt that holds the timing chain sprocket to the camshaft. But JLR ( have told me that the bolt is no longer available!

On installation the bolt is torqued to 45 Nm (33 lb.ft), then a further 70 degrees, so presumably they assume the bolt will have stretched, which is why it should be replaced. But what do I do given that it is not available? The only thing I could think of is using a strong threadlock glue on installation.

2. The other issue is that the workshop manual procedure calls for a special Crankshaft rotating tool 303-674 ; JLR have said they do not sell service tools.

Ideas/suggestions welcome!
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