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Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
I have only just spotted this thread as well, years ago on a 403 I had in regular use commuting from Fishguard to Swansea at weekends I had a couple of breakdowns and had to call out the RAC who found water in the carbs, I changed garages but eventually found the problem a couple of small rust pin holes where the fuel filler pipe meets the base of the box it sits in, they were on the top and side of the pipe so in heavy rain some of the water that should have been going past the pipe to the drain in the corner of the box was getting into the petrol. Equally so you could have the same problem with holes anywhere around the base of the pipe especially if the rain water drain is blocked.
I cured the problem by cleaning up the whole of the outside of the base of the pipe where it is welded into the box and sealing it with Petro Patch.
Not sure if that is the case but when I spilt some petrol I found that the drain pipe was blocked. Now cleaned out.

From a previous question I cured the gushing of petrol from the breather by adding a loop and a petrol filter as an 'expansion box' to the pipe.
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