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Originally Posted by DODD View Post
The trim looks very similar to the MGBs, also from the same era. See screenshot from SC Parts. Unfortunately the MGBs joining pieces are on the corners but if its the same cross sectional size it will give you another direction to look. SC Parts also has a joining piece albeit a different profile which is off a Jaguar X300 and a few other Jaguars of the same period but it may help in tidying things up and keep the weather out, assuming the cross sectional dimensions are compatible.
The rear window of my series 3 E-Type has two joining pieces on the chrome trim but the rubber seal is a very tight fit and I dont want to peel it back but you could check that out also.
Good luck
Thanks - that picture looks a bit diff to mine, specifically it flairs out at the edges so it can tuck under the rubber, to hold it in place.
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