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A few owners have fitted Ford Type 9 gearboxes from small Fords like Sierra, Capri and others made in UK . They are 5 speed and reasonably compact .

You would need a Bristol bellhousing , new clutch plate , new propshaft , speedo cable , modify the tranny cover , machine the bellhousing , make an adapter between bellhousing and gearbox, make adapter to the gearbox mounts, it would be quite a project to complete this conversion.
Plus the Type 9 gearboxes are probably not readily available in USA and you might have to import one ex UK.

So it could be a lot easier to locate and buy a Bristol gearbox .
I have a spare from a 400 or 401 that I'm willing to sell.

If you are interested send me a private message and I will give you the details.

What is the chassis number of your 401 ?
Was it previously fitted with another type of engine ?
Can you post a photo of it on the Forum?

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