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Hi Claude

I have been looking at Auto Trader with 400,000 cars for sale. There is some really impressive stuff like 6 series BMW's at not much money.
I looked at a Jaguar X Type initially and then a diesel VW Golf which can do 68MPG, important with the price of fuel in the UK. I think this is a sensible choice. However, in the end I threw 'sensible' in the bin and am looking at a Bentley Continental GT from 2005/6, with about 50,000 miles and history. Buying this from a specialist dealer it falls within my budget, I will be in the UK for about 12 months. I expect I will find the petrol consumption a bit wearisome, 20MPG on a good day, but you cant live for ever and it is a 198MPH car!

Having said all that I am still keen to joint a membership based classic car club, so I can have the odd few days in a Silver Shadow or a Mark 10 Jaguar and so on. All the cars I would like to drive but not necessarily buy.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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