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When I posted first, I was trying to figure out any link between vacumn leaks and choke not working, I realised since they're separate issues
I've installed a new choke in the inlet manifold but that hasn't changed anything with problem starting. The choke goes fully off as soon as engine fires.
Main problem is I think the servo for rear brakes has failed. Awhile ago I noticed there was a leak of brake fluid under servos and the front section of brake fluid reservoir was empty.
I topped it up and tried to bleed brakes but almost no fluid came out of bleed nipple on rear brakes, whereas it squirts out on front brakes.
There's been no leak since.
When driving it's noticeable when using brakes the car lurches downwards at front, as if only front brakes are working.
I was wondering what are symptoms of failed brake servo? I don't think it's the master cylinder because of the leak around servo.
Any ideas appreciated
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