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Default one shot lubrication system

I have started to take the steering and the uprights apart, because my steering is binding. I found fresh grease in the upright bushings and a thinner oil in the steering box. The steering itself seems fine, but the uprights are not moving freely. I plan to take them apart and adjust play (leaf spring bolt, vertical upright pin, upper wishbone bolt). At the moment there is a very tight fit, I need both hands and a lot of force to turn the driver side upright left and right.

Because the preowner of my AB3052 deleted the one shot lubrication, I wonder how long this fresh lubrication will last. Or in other words: What is the best way of lubricating before reassembling my front axle. Does anyone have some long term experience?

Fit new lubrication points, maybe grease nipples? Just grease and leave it alone?

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