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I feel I must defend my corner in that I know what I told you re A/H track rod ends is absolutely correct for the 408s, 409s and 410s. Given the proviso re the later A/H 3000s.

Tracking was very straightforward on the earlier cars given the combination of LH and RH threads on the centre rod. Your comments re your difficulties indicate that something changed from earlier Bristol practise, perhaps they just ran out of L/H threaded T/Es.

I note your comments re a difference between the inner two and outer four T/Es. I also note that Amsteer list a different T/E for the 411. This might suggest that Bristols went for a bigger T/E on the inner rod on the later cars and continued to use the A/H T/Es on the outers. Note that this means that the drop arms would also differ in this detail from those on the earlier cars

My memory continues to say very firmly that the track rods on the 408s to 410s carried Whitworth threads and the lock nuts also required a Whit spanner, but I have no way of actually double checking that so I could be mistaken. So forgive me if this is a red herring but it might just be worth your checking that the rod end of any track rod end does actually meet your requirements before you order.

Can I suggest that the best person to consult re your Series 5 might be Brian Marelli, the fount of all knowledge, who is I think now to be found at Coleman Classic Cars on +44 (0) 20 3987 3812

Hope that this is some help

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