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Hi Roger,

I investgated this topic extensivly in the last days. Please excuse me if I sound smart alec but your statement has to be corrected, at least for my Bristol 411 S5.

1. The 2 track rod ends (TRE) from the inner tube are different from the one used on the outer rods. Their taper is bigger with a 1/2-20 UNF thread.

2. All 3 trackrods use a 5/8 UNF thread with matching lock nuts

3. The 4 TRE on the lh/rh side rods have a smaller taper with a 7/16-20 UNF thread.

Why do I want to modify the trackrods? Ease of adjustment. The original design is a pain to adjust properly and very time consuming. In an area were a half turn on the trackrod can make all the difference, I think it is importanted to have the best track alingnment possible.

Unless proven otherwise, I think that the common statement "TRE's from the Austin-Healey will fit" (Also found on the BODA homepage's technical section) is too simple. I can't tell if the A-H TRE's will fit, but if thats the case only either for the side rods or the center rod, not all three rods. The only TRE that could possibly be used are the one for the later 3000 MK2/3 BJ7/BJ8 model as the earlyer cars use a differend design of TRE.


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