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Yes, I realise you are in Germany but I still think it’s necessary to provide Amsteer with accurate information for the replacement parts.
May I suggest:-
Taking off the track rod and ends from one side, check the dimensions of the tapers also the diameter of the track rod, although this is not critical but the length is. When I did my suspension I wasn’t able to remove one of the tre’s from the bar. It was well and truly anchored.
Amsteer fabricated new bars of a suitable length with extra thread at each end. If it had been necessary (which it wasn’t) I could have cut a little off each end to achieve the correct length, too long wouldn’t have been an issue but too small would have been.
For the sake of a few hours work you will at least have the confidence when the new ones arrive, they will fit.
You could also try faxing them on 01827 61999. Prefaced with the international code.
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