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Hi Thomas,
I have used Amsteer and found them to be an excellent company to deal with. When I dealt with them early in the Pandemic, they were exceptionally busy. Fortunately, I live only an hours drive from them so I was able to drop in and chat with them directly.
You know from their website the cost of the track rod ends, the only addition is the link bars which will not be a great cost. Why bother with a quote? Just package your old ones up and send them off via a courier together with your order for the items in question.
The reason I would send your old ones is to make sure the tapers are correct and the length of the bar is also correct with the right amount of thread at each end.
My 410 was initially fitted with 4No. LH track rod ends, when I rebuilt the front suspension I converted them to the more conventional system of 2 LH and 2RH. I donít know the setup on the 411 but itís worth checking, in my opinion you donít want to end up with a 4LH track rod end setup.
Good luck with Amsteer
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