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It can be very difficult to establish the facts about events that ocurred 60+ years ago in the absence of official/verifiable information from the source, which in this case would be S.H Arnolt Inc. or Wacky himself, or perhaps his insurers.

One cannot necessarily rely on writers, journalists, amateur sleuths or enthusiasts.

The early history of Bristol cars is an excellent example. There are 3 or 4 different accounts in published books of Bristol's relationship with the Aldington brothers, what they got up to at the BMW factory in Germany, what they brought back from Germany and whether anyone paid for it. It's anyone's guess what the truth was.

When talking about cars 'destroyed' by fire, what does that actually mean?
They could easily be 'destroyed' from an insurance perspective but may well be worthy of restoration if they are valuable enough in a fully restored condition.
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