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Yes there were 2 fires, 1957 and 1963. The 12 cars that I listed were destroyed in the 1963 fire. We have multiple records attesting to that. I do not claim 100% certainty, but that is what the records we have show.

We have no records regarding the 1957 fire, but that 3119 was in the 1957 fire is doubtful. It would be too late of manufacture based on chassis sequence. The listing in the Lee Raskin registries is based on letters that Dick Braund sent to me in 1977, which I had quoted in my newsletter. Dick based this claim on the condition of the car. Dick also said in his letter that there were 12 cars in the Chicago fire, so he was also basing this on his knowledge of the 1963 fire.

3116 is listed in the last 2 Lee Raskin registries as destroyed, but does not say by what means. I have no additional knowledge.

That 3119 was originally built as a Coupe is highly doubtful. I will not go into the analysis in this reply due to space, but will be glad to discuss it further if anyone desires that.
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