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Evening and finally the weekend !
Ahh amazing congratulations - will you be using the A regularly ?
That sounds rather reasonable at 400 right ? Thanks for the shop name also i np doubt will have to buy parts from them for the other 3 v8's.

Hehehe thank you Andy ! Just want to try and keep these beautiful machines on the road and used - the kids now a days hardly see cars like these anymore.

Post sanding and polish - i will be fitting the new floor pan as parts are missing on it as of now.
Then will get then engine in (hopefully v8 250) and restore all mechanics.
Once it starts drives and brakes ; full interior restoration - head lining, door cards, seats, dashboard
new tyres all round and then get behind the wheel of it !

I cannot wait for the next few months to come !

Are you up to much this weekend ?
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