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Hope father continues to improve (insert thumbs up emoji).
Model A fettling was starter motor and alternator in the end.
Bristol latest was curing a few drafts & slightly erratic idle. I had some credit left with a parts supplier so replaced aging Edelbrock with a new one and all is much better.
It's off to rolling road next week to optimise it and then plan (barring disasters) is just to drive it for the rest of the year and save up anything else until the Winter.
We shall see.....
Admire your engine choices - but as Captain Kirk says it sounds like you may be boldly going where no man has gone before - which can be an expensive and frustrating business! The straight six is a slightly more well trodden path but no doubt not without its challenges as well.
If the Bentley is anything to go by though, whatever you decide to do I'm sure the end result will be stunning.
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