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A friend of mine recently donated a better set of Kent alloys for my 603, they were spares off his XJ12 series 3, same as used on the XJS, when he had looked at the car previously he confirmed that it also had jaguar wheel nuts so what the previous owners of my 603 said was correct they had been re tapped to fit the Bristol studs, I have had the car now for 10 years and it has been in use for the last 9 years with no problem at all from the wheel nuts except the chrome finish is not as smart as it was.
I have seen Jaguar Lattice wheels on a few 411's but they would have been the early XJS/XJ12 type not the later XJ40 which I think have a different PCD and have also seen Woolfrace wheels on both a 409 and a 410.
The Jaguar wheel will be wider than the 410 wheel, not sure about the offset but it would be worth checking clearance on the wheel arch and suspension on full lock which limits the width of tyres that can be used on a 603, mine is fitted with 205VR15 Blockleys with a 70% aspect ratio and I have had no problems.
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