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Peter, something in the back of my mind is telling me that the thread on the studs on Bristol hubs is the same as the Land Rover, certainly up to series 3 but if it goes into the later variants as well fitted with alloy wheels there might be some options available from that source as well. I have a 1993 Range Rover LSE the restoration of which is turning me into a poor man but I bought a set of stainless steel wheel nuts for it some years back and the company are still in business, they do some classic cars nuts as well but nothing listed with BSF threads so I will give them a ring in the new year to see if they may be able to help. I am keeping my fingers crossed at the moment as my painter has 'lost' five of the nuts but his workshop is more disorganised than mine so I hope he finds them as they are 12 each plus vat, if he can't he can pay!
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