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Originally Posted by Thomas591 View Post
Hi Kevin,

I talked about this with my Chrysler guru yesterday. He told me that JE sells forged pistons with several different alloys, each needing its specific piston/cylinder clearance. You might have a problem that the clearance used on your engine does not match the piston used. I know this sounds like a bit smart-alecky, but I only wantet to share this information with you.



Thanks for this Thomas. I am very unhappy with the guy who rebuilt my engine. He did a number of questionable things and it is quite possible that he made a mistake with the piston specs. In fact I think he saw me as an ideal opportunity to experiment with engine mods that he had wanted to try out at someone else's cost. I regret agreeing to the modifications and wish I had only sanctioned a less ambitious rebuild.

That said, from memory the compression figure for each cylinder were good. When I have some time I will list the piston and ring specs along with the rebore specs and perhaps you could ask your Chrysler guru for his opinon. It is something I would like to resolve when I can find the time.

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