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Originally Posted by Colin from Hull View Post
I'm re-kindling buying a dismantled Bristol 401/403 project, some parts are missing, and from his memory he has indicated that the steering wheel, rear axle casting, door cards, lights, engine /gearbox are missing. He's is going to give me more details, when he has gathered all the parts together after Christmas.

I never expected to find a project with its engine/gearbox, so it was my intentions to use the triumph straight six /manual o/d gearbox, so if anyone has information / advice in this conversion please get in touch.

If anyone has details of people who may have parts and advice on restoring these cars on a budget.... would also be very helpful.


East Yorkshire
Hi Colin.

Becoming the curator of a Bristol to get it back on the road is a noble hobby and each car that goes from a lump of parts to road-worthy is a good thing. Restoring on a budget involves investing in some good tools and remembering that hand-made means it can be re-made by hand. If you can do the power train conversion using as many bolt-in parts as possible, then sometime in the future when a Bristol collector widow offers you an original Bristol engine for 100 you can do a re-swap without a lot of gas-axe work

Your question was discussed in this forum at 401 engine sugestions.. There seems to be some views that the Triumph fits without a lot of mods.

One suggestion in that thread was the Alfa 1750 motor from the 105 series 1969-72). I own such an Alfa (69 1750 boat tail with the US Spec Spica fuel injection set up by Ingram Enterprises) and it is a wonderful, yet simple motor with a very nice 5-speed. No idea what is involved in fitting it.

Also see Claude
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