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Ok, I understand I was very unprecise with the expression „reworking the engine“..

What will be done is:

- Forged pistons
- New connecting rods with floating wrist pins
- Aluminium heads with larger valves (much easier to get in Europe than 906 heads)
- Roller camshaft with max 240 deg duration that will give maximum low end torque
- Weiand inlet manifold
- Quickfuel 650cfm carb
- raise compression to 10 - 10,5

My expectations/hopes are to get around 350 DIN hp from this setup and a much better gas mileage than with the choked original 400.

As the original manifold has the mechanism for the inlet manifold warming ( which is a nice thing when starting from cold, but terrible when you have a warm engine). The warming flap has either to be discarded and plugged or better flowing manifolds could be installed.


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