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The Trade Mark Registry's decision can be seen here:

It seems that Jason Wharton's company, Bristol Fighter Ltd, sought revocation of a number of registered trade marks owned by KamKorp Autokraft: BRISTOL/BRISTOL CARS, BRISTOL in cursive script (Wyles Hardy refer to it as "York Scroll), the Bristol V8 bonnet badge device, BRISTOL FIGHTER and the "Pegasus sitting on the Bristol City Shield" device. The revocation application was based on non-use over a 5 year period, varying in the case of each mark.

KA conceded that no relevant use of BRISTOL FIGHTER had been made over the 5 year period so the mark was revoked. There was a dispute over whether relevant use had been made of the Pegasus device but it was held that AK had NOT shown that relevant use had been made over the 5 year period, so this mark was revoked as well.

AK proved relevant use of all the other marks and these survived the attack - these are the registered trade marks names in the liquidator's new sales package, together with AK's BRISTOL BULLET mark which had not been attacked.

Jason Wharton's company owns registrations of BRISTOL CARS, BRISTOL FIGHTER, BRISTOL BUCCANEER, BRISTOL SPEEDSTER and BRISTOL ELECTRIC, all registered in 2020.

Given that the sales package includes not only the trade marks but also the library of historic design documents, here's hoping that the Bristol community can come together to bid for the assets and ensure that they remain available for us and the BOHT.

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