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Thanks for giving me some more work to do! I started stripping the paint down in the late 70's must not rush these things! the red and blue, wings straight out of a rattle can as I was trying to decide on a colour.
When I bought the car it was yellow, initial stripping was with Nitromors but my painter told me not to use chemical paint stripper on aluminium as it absorbs it to a certain extent and it can ruin a paint job. Using a DA sander I must admit I was being very cautious because they mark the surface but watching him strip and prepare the alloy panels on my Range Rover I am going when I get a chance try and get most of the rest of the paint off and the few bits of alloy repairs done. To get a decent interior shot the re trimmed door cards need to go back on. The steering wheel which was on the car when it was advertised in motor sport in 1968 I have failed to find an obvious way of removing, the top of the column has been shortened so I have left it where it is, have another column and a decent correct wheel to go with the car.
One thing with this wheel as well it is a smaller diameter, this makes the steering a bit heavier but more direct even a slight input gets instant reaction which actually makes the car more involving to drive.
A very good friend of mine Mike Brockway has a 403 which after an engine failure a few years ago was fitted with a Triumph 2000 engine and box, about a year ago the engine was changed to a rebuilt 2500 unit on carbs, he loved the car with either engine in and preferred it to his other 403 with its standard 100A power unit, he sold that car a few years ago but will never part with the Triumph engined car, the nice thing about it as well is it sounds lovely and I was told was not a difficult conversion.
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