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dear all !

thank you so much for your kind words and helpful comments.

the 403 went for 16308 as Geoff mentioned. ACA weren't very helpfully in sending more photos of either cars, i suspect due to the rot as you have all pointed out.

i've spoke to R Hackett @ SLJ he's trying to find me a suitable engine or if anyone on here knows or can point me in the right direction for one please let me know !

very interesting to read about the wooden frame so thank you Geoff, i will definitely be taking it apart very carefully and documenting with many pics and video of the location of all parts, i will look into getting a metal frame made as you say.

the 405 should hopefully be arriving later this week so will get it cleaned up and post more photos of it.

i probably wont be starting to do anything yet on it just hunt and buy parts and clean it up as i have the 411s3, 408 and the 407 in line for resto before this one !

thank you all so much again and please let me know if you know any history about this car !

stay safe

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