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Are you referring to the Edelbrock carburettor or to the original Carter carburettor fitted to the 410 which had the bimetallic strip in the inlet manifold which indeed operated the choke to enrich the mixture?

The choke on the Edelbrock is electrically operated and does not require the gases to circulate around the inlet manifold to trigger the bimetallic strip. I think these V8’s generate enough heat in a very short time to turn off the electric choke on the Edelbrock.
Yes, prior to the Edelbrock installation the butterfly in the exhaust manifold would be closed and the choke on the carburettor would also be closed for ease of starting; as the gases pass through the inlet manifold they warm up the bimetallic strip and open the choke. Hopefully at the same time the heat control valve on the exhaust manifold opens fully.

I appreciate that warming up a cold engine gently but quickly is more beneficial to the life of the engine but once the engine to up to temperature I wouldn’t want a sticky heat control valve in the exhaust manifold or additional carbon build up behind the plate inside the inlet manifold giving me unnecessary heat issues. My motto is to keep it simple.
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