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Heads now off - not great to be honest a couple of valve guides non existent, two bent pushrods, the cam is pretty badly scored and the timing chain is US. On plus side no scoring in bores. Have ordered up cam and followers from States as poly cams not easy to find - the rest of the stuff I can get over here.
Still amazed how well it drove so am expecting great things when all back together again. For the time being am going to stay stock as it was quick before and once it's all working properly it should be even better!
The Weiand inlet manifold I'll keep an eye out for but as you say, they are rare and command big money - likewise SLJ's excellent exhaust manifold - it is a wonderful improvement but its an investment too far for this year (and I'd need to change the exhaust to get the best out of it).
Quick question - what colour was the intake manifold originally? Mines currently red which seems a bit garish. It needs tidying up and was thinking of toning it down a bit - has anyone done similar?
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