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Not quite. Blow up the picture that shows both the reservoir and the master cylinder. The servo (booster) is there in the bottom LH corner, with the neck end with its outlet banjo pointing right. The master cylinder outlet is fitted with a 7/16 to 3/8 reducer to fit the 3/16 tube that goes to the servo inlet. The servo outlet has a banjo to convert to 1/4 tube, with which the rest of the system is run. The servo outlet is what goes to the back of the car, to the first three way header on the under floor cross member. The servo body pokes into the RHS under wing area. Bristol Cars cut a big piece out of the finned engine compartment side panel. They then fabricated an aluminium cover box which they pop riveted to what was left of the side panel and to the air intake duct, under the RH wing. Quite a crude job actually. The servo neck is bolted under a clamp whose body is riveted to the top face of the RH chassis rail. This is the only support for the servo.


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