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Please find attached two photographs of my installation. As you can see, the engine etc. is out of the car, and the floors are out. But as I've only recently rebuilt the entire brake system, it's a good chance to see the brake fluid reservoir installation. I have just rebuilt this, as it was when I found it, but with a new piece of rubber hose. To my knowledge, no 403s had the remote reservoir as they left the factory. But this was a very common modification. In the case of my 403, I suspect this was done when the car went back to the factory in 1958 to have a disc brake conversion done on the front brakes. This included a servo, which I have replaced with a modern equivalent, as I was unable to find replacement seals for the original. You will see this in one of the photos. The Enots reservoir and the Electrical Control Box are in their "as designed" positions.

Back to the brake fluid reservoir:- the cap on the master cylinder had been drilled, and a fitting welded on which provided a short length of steel tube over which the rubber hose tightly pushes. The reservoir itself is, as a previous poster says, a common part from the '50s, in fact very similar to the one on my 1956 Austin-Healey 100. It would not have needed modification, as it would have been designed with a fitting to take a copper tube with with a compression olive. One other point - the 403's identification plate on mine has been moved to the offside end of the firewall to make room for the brake fluid reservoir.

Hope that helps. I would appreciate your letting me know if it does.

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