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Originally Posted by Geoff Dowdle View Post
Welcome to the world of Bristols . Your 403 looks in nice condition and hopefully will drive nicely .

I agree some of the auction bidders must have deep pockets .
Lot 2075 Ferrari gearbox sold for US$31,200
Lot 2067 Ferrari V12 engine US$144,000 (yes just the engine)
It does not seem that long ago US Ferrari owners were ripping out their V12 and fitting good old yankee V8 Chev or Ford!!!
Lot 2068 AC Bristol NOS Solex carburettors US$3300 .
(But interestingly not the type fitted to AC Bristols )

Please post a report on your 403 when you finally take delivery of it

Originally Posted by Xseries View Post
Wonderful to have the successful bidder on the forum. Congratulations on buying a Bristol and may you enjoy many happy miles and smiles of motoring.
Thanks guys...nice to be here & looking forward to the delivery. I will post when it gets here.

Yup, a lot the prices at the auction were head scratchers. That's why I always avoided auctions & up until this one, would never buy from them. I always thought is was ridiculous that they showcased cars on how pretty they looked but never one word on how the hell they drove?!?!!....geezz...these are automobiles, right?

Auctions are part of the reason that classic cars have become so expensive. That's good for the sellers/dealers, etc, but it leaves hobbyists who enjoy driving & maintaining the cars out of the loop for cars that would otherwise be affordable.

It's turned a enjoyable pastime into a business. As much of a dignified & sophisticated presence these auctions like to present, they're just used-car dealers.

I made an exception when I researched who was behind this no-reserve auction. See my reasoning in the main thread. You'll note that RMSotheby's conspicuously avoided any mention of the crooked owner! .... like they were above that sort of thing...but of course willing to grab all the money they could out of it!
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