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Originally Posted by Xseries View Post
1953 403 Auction with RM Sotheby's 24 October made US $55,000 (42405 pounds) or (if you are feeling rich) 5,818,065 yen. This was not as much as the pre auction estimates of US $80,000 - 120,000. Lot 2209 if you are interested.

I suspect part of this is the lack of appreciation of the marque as I noted some 1930s customised kit cars reached 4 times the price and whilst rebuilt with care and detail, were not to mind something one could consider a classic car any longer.
Hi Xseries..I'm the purchaser of that 403...see my thread, Howdy All.

You're absolutely right on the lack of appreciation of the car here in the my post to see I was shocked to get it at that price. Although I knew nothing about the make, viewing the photos & reading articles that it was handmade & a competitor to RR & Bentley, made me take a chance on it. But I have to wait until driving it to feel completely happy with the purchase.

A lot of the prices paid were positivity insane & ridiculous! A classic case of bidders who had More-Money-Than-Brains. To be fair, if I had a larger budget & really, really wanted something, maybe I wouldn't care what the price was. I've read that someone paid US $1,400 for a trash can that is sold on Amazon for $300 !?@?!!
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