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Wipers fixed - second hand wiper box from SLJ did the trick. Also treated her to some new wiper arms - which are not too bad and some stainless wiper baldes (it had black ones on it) which look the part but are pretty rubbish when it comes to clearing water away! Now onto the heater box which has been removed. Didn't bother with blanking off in the end and not much difference in smells - so am expecting great things once back in and there is an effective seal between engine and occupants!
All seals completely shot and most long gone which is no surprise and much hammerite used over the years so box is going back to bare metal - all of which is intact thank goodness.
Also tried some alternative motors/fans but none better than what's already in there. Will tidy up bulkhead a bit whilst heater out - actually nothing grim - just a good clean really. Matrix off to Aaron rads - thanks for that Giles.
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