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Rich at idle........... This might be your solution

The foot chamber valves wear significantly over time, the float chambers get overfilled at idle and no amount of screwing in of the two idle jet adjustments at the front of the carb will compensate. I changed these, at Martin Barnes recommendation after Id mentioned that the car was a bit of a nightmare in heavy traffic as it tended to stall on take up from idle, and was astonished to find that the idle jets then preferred to unscrewed really quite a long way and then behaved as the handbook indicates, ie set throttle idle, then set idle jets to maximise idle rpm and repeat until optimised. It no longer stalls on take up.

The only way to access the windscreen wiper boxes is to remove the relevant front seat and lie on your back with your arms up behind the dash. Id also recommend removing the relevant seat runners which have lots and lots of sharp bits to dig into you and its already uncomfortable enough.
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