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I understand (sort of !) what Clive is saying, but the case for not just having ever increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere is being accepted by most people. Even if the temperature is not a problem, as Clive asserts, there is evidence of increased CO2 dissolved in the oceans, and so forth.

Anyway, notwithstanding all that, I think the engineers who understand about batteries and electricity generation know that Hybrids should not be banned so soon.

It would be a strange world if it became either impossible or pointless to try to keep classic cars on the road, but it could get to the point where so little use occurs that the supporting industries lose viability, etc. This seems like a terrible thing. Classic car use is such a tiny contributor to CO2, and the maintenance of older cars helps to reduce the number of new cars required, so in the global scheme it seems like an unnecessary oppression of something harmless, fun, and historically inspiring.
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