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That is a question that seems to driving our motoring press round in circles between bans, charges exemptions, Ireland saying they wont issue MOT's for petrol and diesel cars after 2043 or 45 but intend to keep the rolling 40 year exemption for historic vehicles upto that date, effectively creating a cut off for modern classics made after 2003/2005, the magazine reporting that suggesting it would drive the price of older classics up.
They you have the warnings being issued to government that their targets are possibly unrealistic for reasons that include simple facts such as the cost of EV's which is too high for everyone to afford, the time it will take for them to filter through to the second hand market and the fact when they get old and cheap the batteries will be buggered and the cost of replacing those will be far more than the value of the cars.
The concept of any country meeting a zero emission target to me is a total joke which unless we all cease to exist will never be achieved, but that is another argument and not the question you asked, as far as EV's yes they wont have any exhaust emissions but the resources needed to build them are causing significant environmental damage in the countries they are being mined, building them will be no more environmentally friendly than building petrol or diesel cars, and our insurance companies are already considering increasing premiums for them because they are more expensive to repair.
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